Every vehicle owner should be assured of the quality and dependability of their vehicle over time. And certain automakers go out of their way to support your purchase. It's a way of promoting value soon after your vehicle hits the pavement in Cherry Hill or Collingswood.

And given the fact that Subaru has cornered the Camden and Pennsauken market in terms of value, Subaru of Cherry Hill proudly offers the Guaranteed Trade-In Program (GTP).

What is the Subaru of Cherry Hill Guaranteed Trade-In Program?

Subaru takes pride in the vehicles it produces. And this never more realized than in the Subaru of Cherry Hill Guaranteed Trade-In Program, where Subaru promises value with this lasting incentive.

The Guaranteed Trade-In Program was designed to provide Subaru owners with the highest possible trade-in value for their current Subaru. When purchasing a new, later-year Subaru model, the owner is afforded GTP value after the first 12-months of ownership for a period of eight-years from the Subaru's original warranty start date.

So, if your current, applicable Subaru meets with good-condition ratings and mileage protocols, it's a program that needs your attention, knowing of famed Subaru value in dependability.

All that's needed to get started with the Subaru GTP is your current Subaru Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Enter this on the Guaranteed Trade-In Program portal, and be on your way to another satisfying Subaru experience.

Another Trade-In Initiative to Utilize Toward Subaru Excellence

Certainly, if you own a vehicle that's not a Subaru, you may easily learn of the trade value toward a new Subaru. Here's what to do:
  • Enter year, make and model on the "What is your trade-in vehicle" form.
  • Select for trim and color, transmission and odometer reading.
  • You are then asked if you were the original owner.
  • Next are questions and form fields regarding whether you lease or finance your current vehicle. If neither, tap the "No, Next" button.
  • The following page will ask about accidents, damage amount and insurance payout. If none apply, again, tap "No, Next."
  • If there's any physical damage, enter the amount of damage in dollars. Or, tap "No, Next."
  • Select for any known mechanical issues, if any.
  • If warning lights are displayed, check or tap "No, Next."
  • Aftermarket modifications will be checked on the following page.
  • Next, will be a question as to smoking in your current vehicle.
  • Any additional issues such as salvage, fire or flood damage will be selected.
  • The VIN is asked, though you may skip to the "My Trade-In" page for a quick review of all previous selections and the optional uploading of vehicle photos. When all that is done, tap "Submit Trade-In."

Once submitted in-full, contact details are asked in order for the sending of the trade offer. As well, you may search the available, Subaru of Cherry Hill inventory, complete and file the financing application, and start the process for buying your new Subaru from home with trade offer in-hand.

What's Comes After Receiving Value Offer Quote?

There's a limited shelf life to any quoted offer as it pertains to your current vehicle to trade, or sell to Subaru of Cherry Hill outright. So, it's best the offer is printed for quick presentation or downloadable for its electronic transmittal should you decide to purchase or lease a new Subaru online.

In all, there's a sense of ease that comes with the trade and purchase process at Subaru of Cherry Hill. It's our collective mission.

Subaru of Cherry Hill Also Buys Used Cars

With used vehicles in high demand, Subaru of Cherry Hill will purchase your used, current vehicle outright.

Simply visit our local Cherry Hill dealership today for more information.
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