Learn about what we do with your old oil and how you are helping Subaru of Cherry Hill stay warm this winter.

There's no doubt that heat can be expensive.  Long winters mean more heat is necessary and after years of using gas heaters to warm our service shop, it was finally time for a change.   That's why Clean Burn heater systems were chosen to be our new source of heat.  Clean Burn waste oil heater products are engineered to burn waste oil generated by cars, trucks, heavy equipment, and other vehicles.  This means that the old oil collected from your vehicle after an oil change can finally be turned into something useful.  HEAT!  That's right; every time you get an oil change here at our dealership, that old oil is being collected and stored into tanks to then be burned to warm the shop and technicians who work inside it. 


"Not only is it more efficient, but it is much warmer and a lot more comfortable than the gas heaters we were using before." -Tom Milorey (Subaru Senior Master Technician/ASE Master Diagnostician)


With each vehicle holding an average of 5 quarts of oil, that adds up to approximately 100 quarts per day that is being collected from all the oil changes we perform.  In only one year, we can have anywhere from 9,100-11,375 quarts of oil available to be burned for heat.  This new system is not only warmer, but is also a fraction of the cost compared to the traditional gas heaters that were being used before.


In addition to cost savings, it is also good for the environment.  Did you know that over 200 million of the 1.3 billion gallons of waste oil generated in the U.S. yearly are not collected, but rather dumped illegally or accidentally into sewers, drains, landfills, and back yards?  That's a lot of harm for the environment! Here are the facts:


·         200 million gallons is equivalent to nearly  20 Exxon Valdez spills each year

·         One gallon of waste oil can contaminate up to one million gallons of fresh drinking water.

·         One quart of waste oil can create a two-acre slick on surface water.

·         40 % of the pollution in U.S. waterways is from waste motor oil.


By using the waste oil internally, we can ensure that we are doing our part to keep our environment and waterways safe.  Clean Burn systems have not only been EPA approved, but they do not release any harmful hydro carbons into the air after the oil is burned.  Recycling the fuel reduces the risk of any accidental spills or contamination on our part and helps us rest easy knowing that we are doing our part for the safety of the environment.


The benefits are unmatchable.  Only one gallon of waste oil has the same amount of energy as 18 kilowatt hours of electricity.  We would like to thank all of our customers for making this possible and for playing a part in helping our local community remain clean and safe.  If you have any questions or comments about this article, please leave them below.  We would love to hear from you.

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