As I was browsing the web today, I came across this great Info-graph from called "Car Confessions," (See below) and it got me thinking; what are my own car confessions?

In response to the first question about age, I am also among the group of people who got their first car when they were 16.  I remember I had just gotten my first job delivering pizza and in order to do my job I needed a car.  That very same day I went with my dad to look at a used car he saw for sale outside of someone's house and we ended up buying it.  I used the only $2000 I had saved up just to get it.

It was an old dark green Jeep Grand Cherokee with a dent in the back door.  Sure, there was no working air conditioning or even a radio, but I loved it.  Eventually, after a couple months it got too expensive to fix so we sold that and in it's place bought another used 1991 Lexus.  It was black with a moon roof, leather seats, a radio, air conditioning, and power locks!  I really thought I hit the jackpot. 

It wasn't until I got the Lexus that I actually decided to name my car.  I couldn't help but laugh at all the names that I read on the Info-graph and I can't say that the name I came up with was as creative as some of those but nonetheless, I still gave it a name and that name was Benji.  Don't ask me why or how I decided on this name but it just popped in my head one day and it stuck.

Since then I have also replaced my Lexus, but each new car marks a different time in my life.  To me, a car isn't just a car.  It tells you who you are and where you've been.  So tell me, what are some of your car confessions?

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